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EasyComic is a free and vector-based comic creation software, which gives you the power and flexibility to easily
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Lave Zhang
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15 November 2013

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This is a tool that helps create comics pages easily and quickly.

EasyComic is vector-based comic creation software. Professional quality comics, manga, cartoons and illustrations could be easily developed even if you are an absolute beginner. To top all that, this is a free software. The program comes with a large number of templates. It is possible to make your favorite shapes as templates. Templates can be downloaded from on-line repository too. You would be able to use photographs from your collection. These can be dragged into your work area. Multiple color tables let you choose colors easily. Shape fills could be done in one of several ways including gradient-color (linear, radial, or conical). The pages created, packages, shapes can all be exported as PNG images. Vector support should be available in near future. The package refers to a container arrangement that helps pack a series of comic files as one package.

This tool has a whole range of features. The tool has a tabbed interface that helps working on more than one document at a time. Multi layer graphics are supported. Preview makes it simpler to design things as you can always go back when a mistake happens. Drawing lines and shapes have multiple options available. These include straight line, poly-line and curved line and rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon, bubble, etc. line manipulation features include insert point into line, cut off line, connect lines, etc. Rotate / Flip, Zoom in / Zoom out, Group / Ungroup, Lock / Unlock, Bring forward / Send backward etc. are among the set of features available. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

EasyComic is a free and vector-based comic creation software, which gives you the power and flexibility to easily create professional-quality comics, manga, cartoons and illustrations, even if you are a beginner.
We provide abundant comic templates for you. You can make favourite shapes as tempaltes, and also obtain the new templates online. Several color tables are provided, and you can choose any color quickly. All the shapes (even lines) can be filled with gradient-color (linear, radial, or conical). A lot of photoes saved in your computer, can be directly draged into the comic file.
The comic files, packages and shapes can be exported as PNG images. In the future, the SVG format will be supported. Packaging mechanism helps you pack a series of comic file(*.ecf) as a comic package(*.ecp), just like a comic book.
Version 1.1
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